Grenada to St Vincent 7 Day Cruise

Grenada to St Vincent 7 Day Cruise

Day 1

Afternoon – Pickup from Port Louis

Night – St Georges

Day 2

Morning - Sail to Mouliniere. Snorkel/ dive/swim. Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Ronde Island Swim/snorkel/relax

Night - Ronde Island

Day 3

Morning - Sail to Hillsborough. Check out customs/immigration. Look around town. Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Union Island. Visit Happy Island.

Night - Union Island

Day 4

Morning - Clear in. Sail to Chatham Bay/Palm Island, dive(Chatham) /snorkel /swim/ relax. Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Mayreau. dive/swim/walk/relax

Night – Mayreau

Day 5

Morning - Sail to Tobago Cays. Lunch

Afternoon - Tobago Cays – snorkel/dive/walk/relax

Night - Tobago Cays

Day 6

Morning - Tobago Cays. Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to L’ance Guyak (Canuan). Dive/snorkel/swim/relax.

Night – Canouan

Day 7

Morning - Sail to Bequia. Lunch

Afternoon - Snorkel/swim/dive/visit turtles/go into town etc

Night – Bequia

Day 8

Morning – Early sail to Blue Lagoon, St Vincent. Breakfast on arrival. Depart Imagination