Grenada to Grenada 14 Day Cruise

Grenada to Grenada 14 Day Cruise

Day 1

Afternoon - Pick up Port Louis

Night - St Georges

Day 2

Morning - Sail to Moliniere, snorkel/swim/relax, lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Ronde Island

Night - Ronde Island

Day 3

Morning - Sail to Saline Island dive/snorkel/swim/relax. lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Hillsborough Carriacou

Night - Hillsborough

Day 4

Morning - checkout with customs/immigration, sail to Union Is and check in with customs & immigration, visit island, Lunch

Afternoon - Sail Mayreau. Swim/snorkel/walk/dive/relax

Night – Mayreau

Day 5

Morning - Sail to Canouan, dive/swim/snorkel/relax

Afternoon - Lunch, sail to Bequia via Moon Hole

Night – Bequia

Day 6

Morning – Island tour/visit the Turtle sanctuary/snorkel/relax/explore Lunch

Afternoon - Snorkel, beach, 2 possible dives, relax

Night – Bequia

Day 7

Morning - Sail to Wallilabou St Vincent Lunch

Afternoon - walk to waterfall, check out Pirates of the Caribbean museum and film set. Sail to Chateau Belair

Night – Chateau Belair

Day 8

Morning - Guided volcano ascent (additional cost), swim/relax/explore Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Buccament Bay

Night – Buccament Bay

Day 9

Morning - Sail to Mustique. Lunch on the move

Afternoon - Swim/explore island/relax. Visit the famous Basil’s Bar

Night – Mustique

Day 10

Morning - Sail to Tobago Cays. Lunch

Afternoon - Swim/snorkel/dive/relax

Night - Tobago Cays

Day 11

Morning - Tobago Cays, snorkel outer reef, dive, swim, relax and explore Lunch

Afternoon – snorkel with turtles, find the iguanas

Night - Tobago Cays

Day 12

Morning - Tobago Cays, dive/swim/snorkel/relax Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Union island, visit Happy Island for sundowner

Night – Union Island

Day 13

Morning – Visit Union Island, check out with Customs/Immigration for tomorrow, sail to Mopion. Lunch

Afternoon – snorkel/swim/dive/relax, Sail to Pt St Vincent

Night - Pt St Vincent

Day 14

Morning - Sail to Hillsborough, Carriacou. Check in with Customs/Immigration. Lunch

Afternoon - Sail to Sandy Island. Walk around the Island, build a coral sculpture, swim/snorkel/dive

Night - Sandy Island

Day 15

Morning – Depart Imagination. Catch fast ferry back to St Georges with Osprey.

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